Changes to Traffic Regulations. Waveney Drive, Canning Road and Riverside Road



Suffolk County Council (“the Council”) proposes to make the above Instrument in exercise of its powers under article 53 of The Lake Lothing (Lowestoft) Third Crossing Order 2020 (the “2020 Order”), the effect of which would be to substitute updated revisions of Map Tiles AP195 and AQ195 into the Suffolk County Council (District of Waveney) (Stopping, Waiting and Loading Prohibitions and Restrictions and On-Street Parking Places) Order 2018, as amended, introducing prohibition of waiting restrictions to the new access road between Waveney Drive to Riverside Road, parts of Riverside Road, the new access road to Control Tower and Nexen Group premises, the new access road from Riverside Road to Canning Road, the new access road forming new eastern entrance into Riverside, the new access road running south from Canning Road, Canning Road, and to introduce a 30 mph speed limit on the new access road to Control Tower and Nexen Group premises, and to apply restricted road status to the new access road from Waveney Drive to Riverside Road, Canning Road and Canning Road Roundabout.

Exemptions to the waiting restrictions allow a vehicle to wait for so long as is necessary to board or alight or to load and unload; for building, industrial or demolition works; for the maintenance of the road or its services; and for fulfilling statutory duties. There are the usual exemptions for blue badge-holders.

A copy of the draft Instrument and tile maps showing the length of roads affected, may be provided via email, with requests for documents to be sent to [email protected].

It is intended the Instrument will be made on 31 May 2023 to come into effect on 8 June 2023.

Please note that the procedure for implementing the restrictions to which the above Instrument gives effect differs from the Council’s standard practice relating to Traffic Regulation Orders in that there will be no consultation period in respect of this Instrument. This is because these restrictions have previously been consulted upon and authorised in conjunction with the Council’s application for, the Planning Inspectorate’s examination of, and the Secretary of State’s granting of the 2020 Order. This notice is for notification purposes only, as requested by the traffic authority and as required in compliance with the 2020 Order.

Date: 22 May 2023                             


Head of Governance

Suffolk County Council                                               

Endeavour House                                                                   

8 Russell Road