June 2022

Silo Camera Image

Riverside Offices Camera Image

Control Tower – Shuttering for Columns

Southern Roundabout – Drainage Trench

Waveney Drive – Footpath Broken Out

Pier 6 – Waterproofing

Pier 4 – Wet Plug Reinforced Cage for Concreting

Pier 4 – Safety Watch Diver

NAV 1 – Final Omnia Plank in Place

May 2022

Silo Camera – Late May 2022

Colin Law Way – Aerial View

Colin Law Way – Open for Use

NAV 1 – Omnia Planks installed

Control Tower – Mass Pour – Base

Pier 1 – UXO Probe Setup

Pier 6 – Installing Reinforcement Rebar

North Abutment – Shutters Removed – Wall E

Pier 7 – Stripping Shutters

April 2022

Colin Law Way – Finishing Touches

Basement Rebar – Control Tower

Pier 2 – Finished Concrete

Pier 7 – Shuttering Installed

Pier 6 – Temporary Works pre- excavation

North Abutment – Stripping Shuttering

Pier 5 – Working Platform

NAV 1 – Concrete Formwork Planks

Silo Camera View – Mid-April

March 2022

Northern Abutment Reinforce Bars

Arrival of NAV 1

Pier 7 – Base Backfill Complete

Control Tower – Threaded Wall Bars for Basement

Pier 5 Cofferdam – Pile Welding

Riverside Camera View – 23/3/22

February 2022

Image from Silo Camera – Early Feb

Pier 4 – Marine Piling Rig

Pier 7 – Pile Cropping

Pier 3 – Design Drawing as part of Control Tower

Pier 3 – Concrete Pour

Pier 3 – Removing Shuttering

January 2022

Essex & Suffolk Water Diversions

Rotterdam Road

King Post Installation

Waveney Drive

Retaining Wall – Lings

Riverside Road

Pier 4 Cofferdam and Walkway

Pier 2 and 3 – Backfilled Bases

Southern Approach – Aerial Work

Pier 3 Main Structure Rebar

Site Information Sign

Denmark Road

UK Power Network Sub-Station

Southern Landing Point

December 2021

Traffic Management

Rotterdam Road

Luffing Jib – Largest Crane on Site South Side

UK Power Network – Excavation

Waveney Drive

City Fibre – Duct Installation

Colin Law Way

First King Post Installation

Waveney Drive

November 2021

Drone Image of Colin Law Way


Colin Law Way

Pier 3 – First Concrete Pour

Aerial View

Pier 3 – Second Concrete Pour

Pier 4 & 5 Marine Works

Drone Image

Cofferdam Piling Gates

Pier 5

Councillor Matthew Hicks

BBC Look East Interview

Image from Silo Camera


Image from Silo Camera

Early Evening

October 2021

Marine Works – Drone Image

Dewatering for Colin Law Way construction

Pier 2 Pilecap Excavation

Pier 4 Cofferdam Works

Pier 7 Pilecap Excavation

Pier 5 Cofferdam Works

September 2021

Marine Works – Dolphin Piles

Retaining Wall – Lings

Waveney Drive

Pier 3 Pile Caps

Pier 6 – Piling Cage Installation

North Side Quay

Manhole Base Installation

Colin Law Way

Image from Silo Camera

August 2021

Official Opening of Site Offices

Northern Abutment – CFA Piling

Earthworks and Drainage

Colin Law Way

July 2021

Site Information Sign

Waveney Drive

Traffic Management

Waveney Drive/Riverside Road

Claude Monique Crane Barge

Delivery to Gull Wing Site

June 2021

Pier 3 – Piling and Auger Rig

Entrance cleared for new

Colin Law Way

Anglian Water Sewer Diversions

Riverside Road

Dolphin Pile Manufacturing

Delivery of Dolphin Piles to quayside.

Pier 3 – Auger Drill

April/May 2021

Breaking up the Concrete

Northern Landing Point

Metal Shed Demolition –

Clearing for new Colin Law Way

Land Clearance

Colin Law Way

Suction Excavation Machine

used around the whole site.

Concrete Crusher

North Area Clearance

Pier 3 Footprint

Office access