Construction work on the Gull Wing will begin in the Spring of 2021. Preparation began in February 2021, with pilot drilling taking place to confirm locations of utilities such as water and gas pipes.

Hoardings around the perimeter of the site will be going up in March 2021, with equipment and machinery starting to arrive around the same time.

The official "ground- breaking" for the project will be announced on 22 March 2021 with a special video.

Programme of works (this is subject to change)

-Spring 2021 Start of Works

-Late Spring 2021 First permanent works land piling

-Early Summer 2021 Start of Marine works

-Summer 2021 Start of Marine piling

-Early/Mid 2022 Build over the railway

-Mid 2022 Erect the southern approach

-Early/Mid 2023 Installation of bascule section of the bridge

-Mid/Late 2023 Opening of the bridge

Office access