Preliminary work begins on Lowestoft’s Gull Wing

Preparations for Lowestoft’s new Gull Wing bridge have started with an archaeological survey.

Now that Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet has given the final green light for the project, Suffolk-based company, Archaeological Solutions Ltd, is digging trial trenches to find out if there are any archaeological remains relating to activity on the river’s edge.

There are deep layers of more recent material beneath the current site surface, which was bought in to level the site.

A council spokesperson said:

“We are undertaking this archaeological work at the earliest possible stage, so that we give ourselves plenty of time to manage anything that might be discovered. This means that we can keep to our timetable of beginning construction work in Spring 2021.”

An archaeological survey of the site is a formal requirement before any works on the main construction can start. The council’s own Archaeology Service will oversee the works to ensure that the site is properly mapped and any finds are recorded.

The project’s full business case has now been submitted to the Department for Transport and once reviewed will enable the government’s £73.39m funding to be accessed. Details of the company which has secured the construction contract will be announced shortly, with the Gull Wing scheduled to open in the summer of 2023.