Notification of Waveney Drive closure for construction works

This notification is to advise that traffic management works in your area are due to start from Monday 6th September 2021 through to Summer 2022.

Gull Wing bridge will link Waveney Drive on the south side of Lake Lothing, to Denmark Road and Peto Way on the north side, bringing tremendous benefit to Lowestoft and surrounding areas. We are pleased to say construction of the bridge and surrounding highway works are progressing well.

We are aware that some people are experiencing disruption and delay as part of these works, particularly on Waveney Drive. This has been unavoidable due to critical utility diversions and the construction of the new Southern roundabout and access routes. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the traffic management on Waveney Drive, and appreciate your patience as we continue this work.

We have been monitoring the current situation and have been considering options to help ease the congestion along Waveney Drive with the aim to reduce disruption. Therefore, we have decided to implement a full temporary road closure of Waveney Drive, which we think will lessen the impact of these works.

We plan to close a section of Waveney Drive from Monday 6th September 2021 until end of July 2022. This is from the Riverside / Waveney Drive junction through to 44 Waveney Drive – see plan 1 below. Pedestrians and cyclists (who will need to dismount) will continue to have access.

Full access to residential properties on Waveney Drive and Waveney Crescent will be maintained from the west end of Waveney Drive junction with Kirkley Run. See plan 2.

Full access to Riverside Road and the businesses will be maintained from Waveney Drive (Tom Crisp roundabout). This will be two way traffic which will enable us to remove the current traffic lights. See plan 3.

If you require any more information about the project or the above road works please visit or if you wish to raise a question or make a comment call Farrans on the 01502 512 779 helpline or alternatively email Thank you, we appreciate your patience and continued support.